Connect with us

JD benefits

Connecting through JDEnergy will bring you the following benefits:

Bill Validation

Send us your new bill and we will make sure you’re being charged what was agreed

Full customer account management

All moves, adds and changes are carried out by us

Proactive termination notices

We will manage all communications with your current suppliers should you choose to move

Proactive contract management

We’ll make sure you never fall into out-of-contract rates again

Service Streamlining

We can align all of your sites, services and contract end dates, making it simpler to manage your energy movements

Half Hour Metering

Business with half hour meters consumer significant levels of electricity and the suppliers charge slightly cheaper rates.  We can secure these cheaper rates for you and provide installation of half hour meters within our offers.

Bill Validation Service

A full audit on your last 5 years billing (the majority of customers have overpaid), we identify overcharges even on complex accounts.  Automatically operated credits and rebates.