The terms below are applicable to customers where JDEnergy Ltd has provided prices, quotations or any other documentation whether verbally or written to that customer or customers.

JDEnergy Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with a company registration number of 10285589 and whose registered address is JDEnergy Ltd 10A Town Street Farsley Leeds LS28 5LD.

You the customer are not obliged to do business with JDEnergy Ltd once we have provided a quote.

We do not guarantee to find the most competitive unit price or standing charge for our customers, as energy prices can move daily and are affected by many factors including location of supply address (business), credit of customer, annual consumption, and type of meter customer has. Clients product preference is its green energy, billing requirements, smart metering. Other factors to be considered are that daily events can affect energy prices like political unrest, change in political legislation or environmental issues.

Any documentation created by JDEnergy Ltd including attachments to an email created by JDEnergy Ltd remain the intellectual property of JDEnergy Ltd and may not be copied or amended, used or distributed for business purposes by any other party without written permission of JDEnergy Ltd.

Once customers have signed an energy agreement they are agreeing to pay that supplier directly at the agreed unit price as per the quote based upon calculated consumption for gas, electricity or both by the method of payment agreed be it monthly or quarterly direct debit.  If you change your method of payment your unit price and standing charge could change.

Opinions expressed in correspondence between JDEnergy Ltd and any other party whether verbally or in writing those of the writers/speaker are and may not represent the views of JDEnergy Ltd and the company, its directors or employers make no representation or accept any liability for its accuracy or completeness unless expressly stated to the country.

Any prices or quotations JDEnergy Ltd gives to customers may include commission payable to JDEnergy Ltd by the energy supplier or third party we may work with if the customers accepts and agrees to enter into a supply agreement with an energy supplier.

We ask that you give us either verbal or written notice if you no longer require our services.

Any prices or quotations sent to customers are provided in goodwill using information provided by the customer or energy supplier or any other reputable source. In all cases it’s the customers responsibility to ensure you have read, understood and agreed to the energy suppliers terms and conditions prior to signing a supplier agreement or providing JDEnergy Ltd the permission to sign a supply agreement on the customers behalf. If a supply agreement does not match the customer requirements, it’s the customer’s responsibility to highlight such issues to JDEnergy Ltd prior to them signing a supply agreement or providing JDEnergy Ltd the permission to sign a supply agreement on the customer’s behalf.

All contractual agreements are between the customer and the named energy supplier at the agreed unit price for gas, electricity or both as per the written contract proposal from the energy supplier.  JDEnergy Ltd act only as a point of contact and to supply unit rates for contracts on behalf of the energy supplier.