How leaving the EU will increase energy prices

One of the biggest expenditures for small businesses will be their energy, and the UK public have been warned recently that leaving the EU could have negative consequences on our bills. In March this year, energy secretary Amber Rudd claimed that energy bills would increase by £500m a year if the UK were to leave the European Union, stating that membership has “helped to keep our energy bills down”.

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In her speech, Rudd then went on to cite a report conducted by the National Grid:

“If we left the European Internal Market, we’d get a massive electric shock because UK energy costs are likely to rocket by half a billion pounds a year – the equivalent of British bills going up by around £1.5m each and every day.”

Faced with such uncertainty, SME owners should plan ahead accordingly.

With the possibility of rising energy prices, small business owners should look to cut back wherever they can. This can include introducing some energy efficiency policies for your office, whether that’s greener LED lightbulbs, installing bigger windows for more natural light or adding movement detectors to turn off your lights automatically. There are so many small changes to be made, and they all add up to save a great deal of money for SMEs.

With this in mind, we would strongly recommend reviewing your energy billing and lock in rates whilst they are still at an all time low.

We can secure rates now for your business contracts, even for those which don’t expire until 2021.  With this in mind offering your business ‘budget certainty’ into the future.

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